Jared Keahey, MS, LPC-Associate -- Supervised by Kim Powell, PhD, LPC-S

This life pushes and pulls us in the hardest of ways - sometimes in ways we never could have possibly imagined. The struggles we face are so profound. Come get the healing and support that you absolutely deserve. Whether you are struggling with addiction, grieving a loss, trying to find meaning after a traumatic event, or finding that you're unsatisfied with the current state of things in your life, it would be an honor to serve you.

Jared has experience in addictions (substance/process ), trauma, grief, severe mental health disorders, PTSD, existential crises, marriage, gender, and spiritual related issues. All cultures and beliefs are always welcome here. Jared is well versed in supporting his clients with a kind, authentic approach coupled with evidence based REBT and Existential interventions.

Jared acknowledges and admires the incredible courage it takes to begin the counseling journey. Just by opening the door to therapy you have shown incredible strength! Together, we will find the clarity and peace you have long been searching for. Best wishes and be well!

Feel free to contact me directly at jkeahey@lotusflowermound.com