Everyone struggles in life but, for some, those struggles turn into suffering. When we experience suffering, it is my belief that we often suffer in three main areas. We suffer in ourselves, we suffer from others, and we suffer in life as a whole. You may be experiencing suffering in one, two, or all three of these areas. When we suffer, we deserve to have the help of others to come along side and work together to relieve, process, and heal that suffering. It would be my honor to come along side of you and work to turn your suffering into acceptance, understanding, and freedom

Together we achieve this freedom by digging deep into your emotions and belief systems using the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy framework. This framework can reveal stringent unaccepting belief systems that cause you to suffer and transform these beliefs into more loving, kind, and accepting beliefs. This reframing calls on you to take behavioral steps toward a life that is more accepting and free!

My counseling experience includes working with those who are experiencing grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, career/life changes, and others. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is important in healing and in the effective use of REBT. Because of this, counseling begins with us building a therapeutic relationship. We will work together to identify and define your goals. Then you get to put those goals to the test as you continue to strive for more acceptance and freedom in your life.

My hope as a counselor is to connect with you and help bring a level of joy to your life regardless of circumstance.

Please contact me directly at 940-268-4287 or lkelly@lotusflowermound to get started!