Hello! I am a counseling intern at Lotus Counseling for the summer and fall of 2022. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Prairie View A&M University. I am currently a Counseling Master’s student at the University of North Texas. I have worked with children experiencing anxiety, ADHD, emotional dysregulation, and emotional withdrawal. I have also worked with adults experiencing burnout, anxiety, and interpersonal conflicts. I am passionate about working with clients in the African American and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as clients who struggle with anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and low self-esteem.

Wounds aren’t always physical, and emotional wounds can create long-lasting pain that seems invisible to others. This can cause us to become misaligned with our authentic selves. I believe people can change by understanding and processing their emotions and learning how to respond to situations in new ways. Emotional wounds, like physical wounds, need time to heal. We begin to find our inner strength and become more of our authentic selves through realignment with ourselves and our needs. In this way, we become better equipped with ways of handling what life throws at us.

I am a Person-Centered therapist-in-training. I believe my role is to support you, my client, on your journey. I can help you gain insight about your inner strengths, and I can give you opportunities to foster growth within yourself. I trust that YOU ultimately know what’s best for you, and my role is to help you reconnect with what resonates with your inner self. You are resilient. I will be a part of your support system, and I will do my best to create an environment of unconditional acceptance and empathy for you, which will allow us to use our time together for therapeutic healing and growth.

I have immediate openings for play therapy (children ages 3-10) and activity therapy (preadolescents ages 11-13). I also have availability to work with adults of any age. I am under the supervision of Nicki Allen, LPC, RPT, NCC. I look forward to working with you!