Welcome to Lotus Counseling & Psychological Services, a group practice providing a wide array of trauma informed services. Lotus Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC was founded by Nicole Holmes, PhD. Dr. Holmes is a Licensed Psychologist with over 15 years of experience working with trauma survivors, especially victims of emotional, physical, and sexual violence. Inspired by this work and a deep understanding of the importance of certain competencies, Dr. Holmes created a therapeutic environment of trauma informed counselors and psychologists where trust, compassion, and safety are always prioritized.

While all of our counselors are well trained in treating trauma as well as informed on important resources and options available, they additionally hold expertise in many different areas to fit the many issues that might bring an individual or family to counseling. We can help you find the counselor that best meets your needs and personality.

What is Interpersonal Violence? This is a broad category to include abuse that occurs within a relationship or is intimate in nature. This category includes sexual abuse, sexual assault, intimate partner or domestic violence, sex trafficking, child abuse or neglect. Keep in mind that the word "violence" does not always mean "physical." Emotional and verbal abuse are also considered a type of Interpersonal Violence.

You do not need to be a survivor of trauma to receive services at Lotus Counseling & Psychological Services! 

The question of Insurance Coverage...
One of the first questions we are often asked, is "do you accept insurance?".  While a couple of our therapists are paneled with a few insurance companies, most of our therapists do not accept insurance. We are considered "private pay," but can provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance as an Out of Network Provider.
Reasons to consider doing Private Pay, rather than using insurance:
  • In order for insurance to pay for therapy, you must be given a diagnosis. This is true regardless of the reason you are seeking therapy or the type of therapy. If you are seeking marital/couples counseling, then one member of the couple must be the identified patient and receive a diagnosis.
  • The insurance company will have the deciding role in how many sessions you may receive and what treatment goals are considered appropriate. Your treatment will be guided by the expectations of the insurance company and the diagnosis you were given, rather than any issues that brought you to counseling or come up during your therapy. 
  • Your therapy records are now part of your medical records. Insurance companies will require various documentation from your therapist and this becomes part of your medical record. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to request session notes in addition to diagnostic information and your treatment plan in order to assure that your treatment is following the plan and to fight "fraud." Your therapist will always work to keep your information confidential, but cannot control what an insurance company does with your information. For 100% peace of mind about your health information, self-pay protects you the best. 
  • Any diagnosis you receive can be considered a pre-existing condition and may impact you in the future (obtaining health insurance, life insurance, employment, etc.).
  • "Time vs. money"-- With health insurance comes paperwork, phone calls, and a lot of time spent making sure you meet your deductibles, pay only your co-pay, and do not exceed your yearly limits. Some insurance companies may ask that you submit additional paperwork to “prove” that you still need services. At the end of the day, you may find that your health insurance covers so little that you may have been better using a Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account to cover these costs.
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