Connect With Your Child: A Child-Parent Relationship Therapy Group

Join Nicki Allen, MS, LPC, RPT, NCC (she/her) and Rachel Johnson, BS (she/her) for this Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) group beginning October 3rd, 2022. This group will meet weekly on Mondays from 7pm-8:30pm for 10 sessions. The cost for each session is $30 per person. 

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy helps to strengthen the quality of the caregiver-child bond, reduce child behavior problems and stress in the caregiver-child relationship, and allows caregivers to learn many of the same skills used by Registered Play Therapists. Caregivers will use these skills to help children experience healing from social, emotional, and behavioral concerns. You can learn more about CPRT here:

To sign up for group, contact Rachel at or 469-431-5616 ext. 713