Mindful Moments: A Therapeutic Meditation Group

Join Nicki Allen, MS, LPC, RPT, NCC (she/her/hers) in this virtual mindfulness group for adults 18+. Nicki is certified in expressive arts therapy and Dancing Mindfulness. In this group, you’ll learn about the basic attitudes of mindfulness and build your own practice through trauma-informed exercises like guided imagery, breathwork, movement, and yoga. Although artists or those familiar with yoga or meditation will find this group complementary to their existing practices, all are welcome, and no experience is requiredThis group is not a substitute for individual therapy, but Nicki is available to support you in creating a plan with ways to receive support and therapeutic resources outside of group.

Group meets virtually on Thursdays from 5:00-5:50pm CST. Cost is $12 per session. This group has a drop-in format, i.e. after completing intake paperwork and meeting with Nicki via phone for a group screening call, you are welcome to attend group according to your schedule; no cancelations are required for missed groups, and you will only be charged for groups you attend. For more information and to sign up for group, contact Nicki at nallen@lotusflowermound.com or 940-268-3717.