Common Reactions to Sexual Assault

Common Feelings & Reactions

In the days, weeks, and years following a sexual assault you may experience any number of reactions.  There are as many different ways to feel and react as there are people who experience sexual assault.  Some common reactions to sexual assault include:

³ Shock                                                 ³Numb

³ Anger & Rage                                   ³ Loss of Trust

³ Mood Swings                                   ³ Flashbacks or Nightmares

³ Physical symptoms                        ³ “Why Me?”

³ Sadness & Grief                               ³ Feeling dirty, damaged, not normal

³ Fear                                                     ³ Denial

³ Disorientation                                  ³ Loss of Control & Powerlessness

³ Anxiety                                               ³ Concerns over what others think

Remember these are normal reactions to a very abnormal event.  No two people will react the same way.

It is important to remember that it can, over time, get better.  Recovery is not an easy process, but it can be achieved with support and counseling.  Friends of the Family can help you in this process.