Nicki Allen, M.S., LPC, RPT

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas and a Board Certified Counselor (NCC). I have certifications in expressive arts therapy, Child-Centered play therapy, Dancing Mindfulness, and I am trained in EMDR therapy. I received my Master’s of Science degree in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University and am currently a Counseling doctoral candidate at the University of North Texas. 

I have extensive experience serving underrepresented populations through various trauma-informed clinical approaches and community advocacy efforts. I have worked with families and womxn who have experienced trauma, specifically related to domestic violence and sexual assault, grief and loss, chronic illness, sexual identity development, and experiences of oppression and marginalization. I have served clients in various settings, including nonprofit, behavioral health, public schools, and university community clinics. I currently serve as an Assistant Director for a university counseling clinic where I provide training and supervision to counselors-in-training as well as crisis management and resourcing. 

My view of the therapy process is rooted in the development of a therapeutic alliance built on mutuality, trust, and a multicultural framework. I utilize a Relational-Cultural theoretical approach (RCT), which recognizes that systems of power, privilege, and oppression impact each of us and may inhibit us from surviving and thriving. I treat clients with radical respect and understand that each of our healing journeys is unique. I believe human beings thrive in connection and struggle in isolation, so I work with clients to identify internal resources and community support systems. I utilize trauma-informed interventions in my therapy that are supported by the most updated neuroscience research on post-traumatic growth. As an expressive arts therapist and a play therapist, I understand that traumatic experiences are stored in the body and often become “stuck” there, leading to re-traumatization in otherwise safe relationships and environments. I utilize interventions such as expressive arts therapy, play therapy, Dancing Mindfulness, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to target unhealed trauma and to promote healing from the inside-out. 

In addition to counseling services, I am specially trained in workshop facilitation and trainings. I am available to provide wellness workshops on various topics such as: self-care and wellness, somatic awareness, mindfulness, and holistic community care. I am also available to provide trainings on topics such as: trauma-informed care, domestic violence and sexual violence, workplace harassment and discrimination, crisis management, expressive therapies, play therapy, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), parent education, child and adolescent development, and general mental health topics.

I look forward to supporting you and your child or family! I am available for individual, group, and family services with flexible scheduling. Please contact me directly at 940-268-3717 or to discuss clinical services or workshops/trainings.