Amy Bogucki --- Supervised by Sarah Dildy, LPC

Hi! My name is Amy Bogucki and I am a Master's level intern in counseling at the University of North Texas. I have experience working with adults experiencing issues such as anxiety, trauma, life transitions, and relational conflict.

As a counselor, my goal is to support clients collaboratively and nonjudgmentally. Clients are the experts on their own experience, so my role in the room is to identify desired outcomes, cultivate insight, and empathetically support clients through every step of their counseling journey. I also aim to provide tools, skills, and knowledge to help clients empower themselves even outside of the counseling room. My approach affirms the intersectionality of identities and values each client's unique experience. I am especially passionate about couple counseling, perinatal care, LGBTQ+ populations, and neurodiversity.