Gaby Rios, MA --- Supervised by Irais Anderton, PhD

Hi! My name is Gaby Rios and I am a practicum therapist. I recieved my Bachelor of Science in 2019 and am currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at Texas Woman's University.

I am a queer, disabled, and autistic therapist of color. I utilize a feminist, multicultural, and neurodivergent-affirming approach to create an environment of safety, warmth, and empowerment. I operate from a person-centered and relational-cultural lens. My clients are the experts in our shared space and I act as a collaborator who walks down the healing path with them and provides them with insight and compassion on their journey. I strive to aid my clients in discovering their truest selves and cultivating tools to allow themselves to flourish and live in harmony with their communities. I come from a background of working with a broad population, but am particularly passionate about working with neurodivergent people.